April 22, 2023

Relief for young families

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Megan Raynor

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A young family recently shared on social media about the difference being able to go to Ōtūmoetai Social Supermarket has made to them on their “broke weeks”.

Many of us know the feeling of a broke week, some weeks just seem to be tighter than others. Whether that’s because of a random expense like a car breakdown or doctor’s visit, or because the rising cost of living has been shrinking the pay-cheque margins, it’s not a nice feeling.

To help with these tough weeks, New World Brookfield and their generous customers are paying-it-forward over the next three weeks. On the first day of having pay-it-forward donations at the checkouts, customers donated over $1,000, which New World Brookfield are matching, with all money being used to provide groceries to the Ōtūmoetai Social Supermarket to feed more families in need.

For the family with young kids who shared their story recently, they’ve found that expensive necessities like nappies (and of course food) means each grocery shop adds up quickly. Plus limited earning while on maternity leave makes this even more stressful.

After being referred by their plunket nurse the family did their basics shop at their usual supermarket and then used the Ōtūmoetai Social Supermarket shop as a chance to get their top-ups, like lunchbox snacks, baking ingredients and sanitary items. Things that are really necessities but get dropped off as money gets tighter.

The Ōtūmoetai Social Supermarket operates on a points system which allows their shoppers to shop for what they need, rather than get a pre-set foodbank style bag. For example, this family was eligible for 85 points, which means they could fill a trolley to the brim for a total of $50. 

And as a bonus their little ones could have fun while the parents shopped, thanks to the play area.

“They even have a kids play area so you can shop without the kids while they watch them”

If you want to be involved in this incredibly generous initiative, New World Brookfield are currently running a pay-it-forward campaign powered by GoGenerosity. From the 17th of April to the 14th of May, you can pay-it-forward at New World Brookfield to feed families in need through the Ōtūmoetai Social Supermarket. All donations will be matched by New World Brookfield and will be used to stock the Social Supermarket shelves with groceries. 

Head here to see how it works and the impact so far.

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