May 15, 2023

Hot and healthy meals

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This could well be the catch cry for Live For More whose aim is “to empower rangatahi/young people to find freedom from their troubled pasts and be inspired to live positive and fulfilling lives”.


Live For More works with troubled youth who may not have had many chances in life or perhaps made some not-so-good choices and offers them a chance to be part of their surf programmes to develop their physical, social and work skills. But they don’t just spend all their time surfing the waves (although that’s a large part of what they do!). You see, this surf therapy has other positives like developing friendships, mentoring and teamwork. Live For More also has volunteers who offer counselling, practical life navigation skills and cultural sessions.  Live For More really does allow these rangatahi to have more to live for.


But it’s hungry work riding the waves, so the Mercury Arena Cafe (formerly the Trustpower Arena Cafe) regularly (monthly) pays-it-forward 17 large and nutritious meals to Live For More to keep feeding these hungry attendees. That’s very generous Mercury Arena!


You can find Mercury Arena Cafe at 81 Truman Lane in Mount Maunganui. As its name suggests, it’s part of the Mercury Arena! It’s a modern cafe on site for when you’re at an event at the venue.  They do great meals as well as coffees and other delectable treats!


If you also want to be part of the pay-it-forwards to help organisations like Live For More and others, head to our marketplace.

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