January 16, 2023

Casual Kitchen paid-forward 10 meals

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Casual Kitchen is in the business of making meals. They use fresh, local and seasonal produce to make delicious meals that can be frozen without compromising on taste or nutrition. How great is that? Head on down to Casual Kitchen at 56 Devonport Road in Tauranga if you have that “I cannot be bothered cooking dinner tonight” feeling or you just want to try out some of the delicious fare on their menu. You can even buy bundles of meals (meaning more than one at a time) if your week is looking extra busy. Casual Kitchen recently paid- forward 10 of their meals to Mockingbird Tauranga.


At the receiving end of Casual Kitchen’s generosity, the folk at Mockingbird sing to a different tune. They are a charitable organisation that works with people who are neurodiverse—or those of us who think and act a little differently—and their families.

Mockingbird’s mission is to create “a supportive environment where neurodiversity and special abilities are celebrated and unique guidance is provided.”

Everyone is unique, and, at Mockingbird, supposed differences in some people are celebrated. That said, all those involved at Mockingbird enjoy good food and were especially appreciative of the meals from Casual Kitchen, especially as they are so tasty and nutritious.


We love hearing these stories of kindness and generosity where the act of giving can be amplified in so many ways to help so many people. Ten families associated with Mockingbird are very grateful for the kindness shown by Casual Kitchen. And we here at GoGenerosity feel proud for the small part we played in facilitating this meeting of needs in the community.

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