March 3, 2023

Helping people of all ages

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Some people are lonely, particularly the elderly who may not be able to get out and about to meet people or to catch up with loved ones. They often welcome a visit to chat and share a cuppa. 

This is where Age Concern and its team of volunteers comes in. They want to reach out to the older folk in our community because they’re concerned about the aged. They want to meet their needs, be that socially (with visits) or practically with advice and courses. Age Concern is a not-for-profit with offices around New Zealand. 

Befriending the socially isolated older people in our community are the volunteers of all ages but particularly the young folk, who are keen to chat and get to know them. They visit those over 65 years who live in their own home and would appreciate a visit. 

To assist these volunteers with their visits, Z Energy paid-it-forward $700 in petrol vouchers to Age Concern Tauranga to assist with fuel costs as these visitors travel to visit the elderly in the local community. These vouchers go a long way to helping these volunteers who give of their time and usually their travel costs for free to help others in the community. 

Corporate partners S&L Land Specialists (based at 97 Grey Street in Tauranga) and Spark Business Hub BOP (supporting businesses across the wider Bay of Plenty) joined forces with Z Energy to sponsor the vouchers. Of course, Z Energy’s generous customers were also part of the caring and paying-it-forward too! 

If you know someone who’s older and lonely, why not suggest they get in touch with Age Concern? There’s a lot of people and businesses who care about the seniors in our society.

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