January 16, 2023

Rebuilding wairua & morale

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Megan Raynor

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All of us need time to ourselves to rebuild our spirit and re-fill our cups. But when you’re someone whose day-in-day-out requires giving your all to small humans in need, there’s not many opportunities to do so.

This is often the case for the caregivers at Homes of Hope - a charity who supports our children by providing them with family foster care and therapeutic interventions. Every day they’re providing the emotional support and safe space these kids need, and not leaving much in the cup for themselves.

Thanks to the talented beauticians at Features Inc and their generous customers, (along with their corporate partner Holland Beckett), $115 worth of beauty treatments were paid-forward to Homes of Hope, as a way to look after the carers.

“They do an incredible, incredible job in there with our tamariki, 24/7, so for them to be able to have something nice done for them has been a huge step in helping them feel really valued and appreciated.”

For one caregiver her facial treatment came at exactly the right time. As someone who wouldn’t usually book in for the likes of a beauty treatment, and often forgets to look after herself, having this arranged for her during a tough week was a godsend.

One of our carers had had a particularly difficult week - which happens sometimes when you’re dealing with kids with trauma - and she was booked in to go for a facial. For her to have that rebuild her wairua and boost her back up was highly hugely helpful for her in that moment and provided self-care. It filled her tank back up so she could go back and do the important mahi she was doing.


Practice Manager, Homes of Hope

Thank you for helping us to look after those who are doing such an important job. Every time you pay-it-forward when visiting Features Inc in Otumoetai, Tauranga, for one of their incredible facials you make a difference. 

To help Features Inc provide more experiences like these to our locals in need, Holland Beckett Law (a generous Bay of Plenty full-service law firm) supports them through monetary donations. These are combined with your pay-it-forwards, making the good Features Inc do go further. 

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