December 20, 2023

Nurturing Families: A mother’s love

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Mums are special people. They give birth to us, nurture us, and feed and clothe us. But it takes a lot to be a mum today. Sometimes, new mums do not know what they need to look after their babies or can be overwhelmed by all the products out there being advertised as “essential” for baby’s care. Sound familiar? 

The Mom Store thought so and so began their journey to offer popular, trusted and practical items for mums (moms) and babies. They have put together a variety of tried-and-tested baby care items that you can purchase online. They even have a range for new dads! They have curated (specially chosen) their range of products, including balms and books, diapers (nappies) and dinnerware, and socks and sunglasses. They even have a blog with tips and ideas for mums and dads as they navigate the parenting journey. Their motto is “EVERYTHING YOU NEED - NOTHING YOU DON'T”. You can check them out if you have a little one coming, are thinking of having a little one or want to buy a gift for a little one. 

Although the Mom Store is in the business of selling baby care items, they also have an outward focus as well, wanting to offer hope to, and meet the needs of, others in the community, especially mums, so it seemed only right that they would pay-it-forward a $592 voucher for their products to Nurturing Families. 

Nurturing Families, formerly Mummys in Need, is an organisation focused on caring for babies and young children under the age of 12 and their families in our communities. Nurturing Families’ vision is “A future where every baby is equal”. They help to make this dream a reality by supplying needy mums and families with baby care items, clothing, food and even emotional support and a listening ear. Nurturing Families has been supporting this country’s ngā pēpe (babies) since 2012 and works together with social workers and other organisations to assist about 400 babies per month. That’s a lot of little ones! 

A mum’s influence is lifelong. Let’s all be part of supporting Aotearoa New Zealand mums.

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