February 21, 2023

Surf therapy meets food

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If you’ve ever been surfing you know there’s something powerful about catching a wave. The adrenalin and the pride in yourself that comes when you finally stand up is unmatched. You can see why Live for More uses surf therapy to “empower rangatahi (young people) to find freedom from their troubled pasts and be inspired to live positive and fulfilling lives”. 

Through nine-week surf therapy programmes which include counselling, practical life skills, mentoring and cultural sessions, they provide our young ones a chance of a better future.

To support Live for More, Trustpower Arena Cafe (a great cafe inside the arena) paid-it-forward 17 large meals to be distributed to the rangatahi. Surfing and mental repair is hungry work, so we’re grateful for the generosity. 

If you’re getting food after your own sports outings at Trustpower Arena, be sure to add a small amount on top of your bill to help Live for More.

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