January 16, 2023

11 pasta meals to hungry local people

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Bienvenuti al! That’s Italian for “Welcome everyone!” And you can receive a warm and Italian welcome at Ristorante e Pizzeria Salve D'or (that’s Salva D’or Restaurant and Pizzeria for those of us more akin to Kiwi speak). You can find them at 350 Cameron Road in Tauranga, and they can offer you all sorts of Italian delicacies, like Spaghetti carbonara (spaghetti with bacon and egg) and Risotto con pollo (chicken, mushroom, and onion risotto). They also have wonderful antipasti (entrée) dishes! Added to this, they make amazing pizzas, an Italian offering that has been around for hundreds of years; Salva D'or make delicious (fresh!) pizzas. Recently, welcoming and generous Salva D’or paid-forward eleven of their delicious pasta meals to The Salvation Army.


The Salvation Army is actually a church, but, as part of their values and activities as a group of volunteers intent on serving their community, they also “work alongside anyone who needs our help and support, without judgement or requiring people to adhere to a Christian worldview.” Part of the Salvation Army’s outreach is their Community Ministries that, amongst other things, help people with food parcels and also meals. The Tauranga Community Ministries centre was very grateful for the eleven meals from Salva D’or.


Sarah from The Salvation Army had this to say: "Thanks so much! We are so excited to have the support from these people. We can only do what we do with people like this; we don't have enough resources, and we run out of money. Thank you so much."


We at GoGenerosity love seeing this generosity-go-round. Next time you decide to have a meal out, think about Salva D’or and their generous giving to the Salvation Army, who then may have helped or be helping someone you know.


Buon appetito! (that’s Italian for “enjoy your meal!”).

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