July 24, 2023

People’s helping people

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When supping on your favourite brew, do you ever stop to think about where it comes from? No, it doesn’t just come from a packet at the supermarket or a specialty coffee shop. This coffee was once beans growing on a bush that needed to be harvested, dried, roasted and packaged before it got to your cart or was delivered to your door. So, were these coffee farmers paid a decent wage? Were they treated fairly? Have they been part of fair trading?


Knowing that growers around the world have been treated fairly is a badge of honour for People’s Coffee, a coffee product store that is based in Wellington but also has an online presence. But that’s not all! Their coffee is certified organic, so, if you purchase coffee from People’s Coffee, you know that their products haven’t only been harvested well but have grown in their natural state—no added insecticides or unnatural fertilisers. It must make the coffee taste better!


Treating people well is so much part of People’s Coffee’s trading that they also wanted to be part of giving out to the local community as well. They paid-it-forward $111 to the New Zealand Red Cross for disaster relief for those people in the Hawkes Bay who were caught up in the flooding. Red Cross’s mission is to help hurting and vulnerable people by rallying people to help in various ways, be it with money, goods or volunteering where they are needed most. And their disaster relief fund was surely needed by those whose homes, livelihoods and businesses were affected by Cyclone Gabrielle earlier in 2023.


People helping people …. or People’s helping people. If you people want to be part of helping People’s, why not add a little to your bill next time you’re ordering your caffeine fix so that People’s can continue helping people through the Red Cross.

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