January 16, 2023

An energy boost from Fixation Coffee ☕️

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If you need a good coffee fix, try Fixation Coffee Roasters. The coffee beans at Fixation Coffee Roasters are responsibly sourced from overseas and roasted in Tauranga to offer a “premium quality” cup of coffee. They not only roast the beans for you to purchase and make your own coffee, but they can also make you some to drink at their café at 10 Dive Crescent in Tauranga as well. They also serve yummy food—and offer a great view of the harbour! You can also buy their roasted coffee online.


Fixation Coffee Roasters works closely with GoGenerosity (see us mentioned on their website!). Fixation Coffee Roasters focuses on the pay-it-forward principle, suggesting that customers may want to pay for someone else’s coffee when they purchase their own. This can be done online or in person, so think about doing this next time you are buying your coffee there.


This pay-it-forward principle—and thanks to the generosity of its customers—has meant that Fixation Coffee Roasters has recently donated $713.95 worth of coffee beans (roasted of course!) to Curate Cares.

Curate Cares is an organisation that exists to help others throughout New Zealand in practical ways. This gift of coffee beans has been used to fill Curate Cares’ espresso machine and Moccamasters to make delicious coffee for volunteers, staff and people in need. This coffee beans gift is Fixation Coffee Roasters’ way of meeting a need in the community. Thanks to all of you working at or buying from Fixation Coffee Roasters!

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