May 26, 2023

Rad food for rad people

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We are what we eat—so sayeth the saying from of old! Our food (and drink) choices have a real effect on how others see us and even how we see ourselves, even today. On an individual level, choosing to consume healthy products means our bodies can grow, develop and mature well. Having the right nutrients is also important for those recovering from conditions and diseases—like cancer.

Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga was set up in 1991 to help locals as they navigate the stressful and emotional path to wellness after receiving a diagnosis of the disease. BCSS has volunteers who have travelled the breast cancer road themselves so are well qualified to offer advice and support or even just a listening ear to the newly diagnosed. BCSS aims to “enhance wellbeing, safety and quality of life” for those with breast cancer as well as their whanau (wider family). There’s also practical support, like frozen meals and massages … and good food.


This is where Real Rad Food steps in. Real Rad paid-it-forward a $251 voucher to BCSS to be distributed to people that they support in the breast cancer journey. BCSS was really grateful to Real Rad for their generosity and had this to say: “The yummy slices at Real Rad Foods together with their delicious sleep hot chocolate are such a wonderful and healthy treat for women who are going through breast cancer treatment. Thanks so much for your generosity.”


Rad means “good” or “awesome” and, when applied to food, means that that Real Rad’s products are “plant based, gluten free, refined sugar free, dairy free & soy free”. Think Bounty Bars (low sugar) for a sweet treat or supplements like Rad Green that helps with skin and digestion. There’s even a Rad Sleep, a hot chocolate drink that helps to settle the mind and body for a good night’s sleep. Real Rad’s food is not only good for you, it tastes good too!


When you want to rethink your food habits, head to Real Rad Food to order online. You can add $1 or $2 to your bill to help them as they continue to pay-it-forward to BCSS too.

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