January 16, 2023

Ka Pai Coffee

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Megan Raynor

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Sausage rolls, chippies or no lunches at all are what’s often found in school lunchboxes around Rotorua. It’s not the brain food young children need to learn but for many families, providing their tamariki with food that will give them the nutrients they need to thrive at school is out of reach. Especially with the rising food costs in the fresh food aisles.

Ka Pai Kai Rotorua were set up to help counter this, providing nutritious and delicious lunches for children in the Rotorua community. Through the donations they receive, they are able to make these lunches affordable and accessible for all children.

“We know eating quality food at school is important for good education outcomes and we believe all tamariki should be able to eat a nutritious lunch, regardless of their parents’ income.” - Ka Pai Kai

As a charity they rely on the support of donations and time of their volunteers, who work tirelessly to cook and deliver food for the tamariki. 

Thanks to Boasters Coffee Roasters, these volunteers were able to get out of the kitchen and enjoy a meal as part of their Christmas Celebration.

Through the generosity of Boasters customers and their corporate partner Spark Business Hub Bay of Plenty, 14 meals and drinks were paid-forward to Ka Pai Kai.

Thank you to all involved, your generosity makes such a difference. Kai Pai!

For other businesses in your area where you can pay-it-forward, head to our marketplace. Every 50 cent, $1, or more, adds up to help support charities like this one.

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