October 27, 2023

Real Rad Food: Putting principles into action

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Excited to be doing something you believe in? Radical in your thinking? Enthusiastic about helping others? Maybe you could be part of the Real Rad Food movement!


Real Rad Food offers natural and healthy (Real) plant-based slices and supplements that are cool and very good (Rad). Real Rad have lots on offer on their website, including Bounty Bars (low sugar) and Pinky Bars (with chocolate ganache) as well as protein shakes and Rad Sleep, a yummy hot chocolate beverage that can help you relax and … well … get to sleep. No more counting sheep … Real Rad products can also be found in a number of supermarkets, cafes and health food stores around Aotearoa New Zealand.


But Real Rad Food is not just enthusiastic about their products and forward thinking, they’re also into offering others in the community a better future. To turn their philosophy into action, Real Rad paid-it-forward a $300 voucher to the Tauranga Breast Cancer Support Service (BCSS) who could then pass on the treats to their clients.


BCSS is a trust that is intent on helping those in the local community who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. They offer physical support in the way of meals or massages but also social and emotional support, like counselling and being a listening ear. Those associated with BCSS have all been through breast cancer themselves, so they know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of such a diagnosis. The Real Rad Food products are just another way that BCSS can help those with breast cancer.


If you also want to identify with Real Rad’s ethos as well as help people in the BCSS community, why not add to your bill when purchasing Real Rad treats. You’ll be helping yourself and others, both at the same time.

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