July 24, 2023

When you need refuelling

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On a wing and a prayer. That’s how those affected by disaster—like the 2023 Hawkes Bay floods—often cope with their circumstances. They don’t always have enough resources or help to get through their hardships and have to rely on some spiritual guidance and help to get through the situation.


Enter Flight Coffee. In their bid to help those in the community, they paid-it-forward $242 to the Disaster Relief Fund with the New Zealand Red Cross. This Fund was set up to help those affected by Cyclone Gabrielle in 2023 as well as the flooding in various parts of the country. Helping people in disasters is what Red Cross have been doing in New Zealand for nearly 100 years. But Red Cross are also helping vulnerable New Zealanders daily, usually with practical help like resettlement and hot meals. Red Cross wants to give all these needy New Zealanders a better future.


Piloted by a team of personnel dedicated to excellence, Flight Coffee is in the business of producing well-roasted coffee beans and brewing top-rate coffee beverages. Their headquarters is in Wellington (at 30 Garrett St in Te Aro), but they also have a studio in Auckland at 222 Dominion Road in Mount Eden. Flying their beans in from their Colombia plantation, Flight has state-of-the-art roasting equipment to roast their beans, and the company has award-winning baristas involved as well.  The company has really taken off since it started in 2009.


But don’t let distance and geography keep you from enjoying Flight Coffee. You can journey to their store online to try their different coffee products, including coffee machines, so you can sup their coffee without leaving home. Don’t forget to add a little to your bill when paying, though, so that Flight can continue their pay-it-forwards to Red Cross.

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