January 16, 2023

Summer BBQ vibes for people in need

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Potato salad is a staple at every Kiwi BBQ, and with summer fast approaching it sure feels like those are on their way. But for some people in our community the deliciousness of a fresh potato salad, let alone the joy of a barbie, is not in their summer plans. Not by choice either.

Elizabeth Café and Larder (on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Cameron Road in Tauranga) helped change this, paying-forward a huge container of their gourmet potato salad to Under the Stars.  

Under the Stars is a Tauranga organisation that was set up in 2014 to help feed the homeless and those in need. Twice weekly – Thursday lunch and Saturday dinner – Under the Stars hosts those who need a nourishing meal. Each week, they feed over 100 people, which means they need a lot of food! To cater for this Under the Stars relies on businesses like Elizabeth Café and Larder for donations of food.

They said “we also had an amazing potato salad donated by Elizabeth Café & Larder, through the GoGenerosity initiative. Thanks to all their customers, too, who paid it forward!”

Thank you to Elizabeth Café and Larder and their customers from us too! If you want to know more about how GoGenerosity and paying-it-forward works, see more here.

Supporting Elizabeth Café and Larder is S&L Land Specialists, a property company based at 97 Grey Street in Tauranga. S&L also believes in meeting community needs and supplements the finances Elizabeth Café and its patrons offer, to increase the pay-it-forward capacity. We at GoGenerosity are grateful to S&L, Elizabeth Café and Larder and Under the Stars who all help people in the community.

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