January 16, 2023

Free classes for breast cancer patients

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Breast cancer is one of the three most common cancers in New Zealand. To help both women and men face breast cancer, Breast Cancer Support Services (BCSS) was set up in Tauranga in 1991 by some women who had had favourable medical treatment for their breast cancer but who felt socially isolated. Therefore, they felt to set up a support network for those who are facing the disease. BCSS is for those who have been through breast cancer to help those who are currently facing breast cancer.


The Pilates Fix on Elizabeth Street in Tauranga is a pilates studio that has offered a series of pilates classes for eight women from BCSS to help them get back into exercise again.

Helen from BCSS explains: “When you’ve finished your treatment—had your surgery—getting back into exercise, you can feel quite vulnerable and also quite unsure how the safest way is to do that, so The Pilates Fix know what they’re doing, and they’re fantastic!”


Spark Business Bay of Plenty has been the corporate partner, supporting The Pilates Fix to offer such classes for these women. BCSS has been partnering with GoGenerosity for some time, and this opportunity for these women to not only improve their physical agility but also to help their self-confidence and self-awareness is just one example of offering a better future for these women. There was a need to assist these people who have faced cancer, and The Pilates Fix, Spark Business Bay of Plenty and GoGenerosity have worked together with BCSS to help these women move forward with their lives 💕

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