January 16, 2023

Best burgers ever - RE Burger Tauranga

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Mega burgers and mega fries for mega appetites! The boys down at the Bay of Plenty Youth Development Trust are really busy – doing workouts, pre-employment courses, boxing, and water sports. Whew! No wonder they get hungry! So, these guys were super pumped to be treated to 15 burgers and fries meals from RE Burger.

The 15 boys said, “it was the best burger they'd ever had!"


RE Burger is based at 138 Chadwick Road in Greerton, Tauranga. They are part of the burger “RE:volution”, serving up crave-worthy street food, freshly made! Their burgers are jaw dropping – they’re overflowing with flavour to set your taste buds on high alert. Not only do they enjoy making burgers and fries, but RE Burger also enjoys helping out in the community, by paying-forward 15 huge meals to the boys at the BOP Youth Development Trust.


The Youth Development Trust is based in Thirteenth Ave in Tauranga, and its purpose is to “develop well-rounded, vibrant, independent and responsible youth who are work-fit, ambitious, goal oriented, and active contributors in their communities.” It’s incredible mahi, and deserves the treats. Thanks RE Burger for giving these Tauranga youth a special treat for their hard work.


You, too, can help RE Burger to keep donating to the community. Even adding just 50 cents to your bill can allow RE Burger to keep on giving to the Trust and their hungry boys!

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