January 16, 2023

The power of a smile

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Never underestimate the power of a smile. They’re infectious!


Team Dental Papamoa understands what a smile can mean to a person, and they’re the dental team to go to if you want to make sure your smile is as radiant as it could be. Team Dental can also help you with your oral health – meaning healthy teeth and gums – which also help our smiles.


Team Dental not only provides positive, affordable and accessible dental services, but they genuinely care for their patients. They recently showed this care and concern for one patient who needed dental work done but couldn’t afford to pay for it.

Thanks to the pay-it-forward donations of their generous patients, Team Dental provided $245 worth of much-needed dental work so this person could feel better, look better, and of course smile better as well!


Team Dental explains, “This was a patient of ours that just needed some help to pay for her treatment. She could not thank me enough – I made her week!"


Thanks generous Team Dental and thanks generous Team Dental patients! We here at GoGenerosity love hearing these stories about people helping people and caring for others in the community.


Team Dental Papamoa can be found at 5 Golden Sands Drive, Papamoa, and they’re there to help you if you’re in need of some dental work. Next time you’re in there perfecting your smile, you could also add a little to your bill, even just $1, so that Team Dental can help others who may not be able to afford the treatment they need. Every little bit helps!

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