August 23, 2023

Helping the planet and the community

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Great trees from little acorns grow, and great plants from NZ seeds grow too! NZSeeds is an online company that sells native plant seeds as well as seeds from other exotic species to New Zealanders and the world! Their aim is to encourage the planting of New Zealand’s native plants, and seed sellers, nurseries and even home gardeners can purchase their seeds for gardens, shelter and forests. You don’t have to have green fingers to use their seeds either!


NZSeeds is also a generous company and, because it believes in meeting needs in the community, paid-it-forward $79 to Good Neighbour to be used for disaster relief.


Good Neighbour is based in Tauranga and seeks to do good in the community. Among the good neighbourly things that they do are redistributing out-of-date-but-still-good-enough-to-eat food, establishing a community garden, providing firewood and generally helping out in times of trouble, such as when disasters like the 2023 floods struck the North Island. Their team of volunteers are good sorts who try to meet needs in the local Bay of Plenty community. They even have a special care team that develops community communication and connection through such activities as coffee mornings and budgeting advice. Being a not-for-profit, Good Neighbour relies on the generosity of others, like NZSeeds, to do the work they do in the community.


So, next time you’re in the mood to feel the dirt between your fingers and want to plant a tree that the next generation can enjoy, think about going to NZSeeds—and add a little to your bill so that the pay-it-forwards to places like Good Neighbour can continue.

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