August 23, 2023

Treasures for kids

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All kids love toys, don’t they? Whether that’s a ball or a bike, a microphone or marbles, toys mean fun!


But some kids don’t always get to have toys—or not many of them anyway. You see, when they come from families who are financially struggling to put food on the table, there just isn’t the money to spend on fun things like toys.


The Toy Box knows this so they paid-it-forward $200 worth of toys to KidsCan. KidsCan is a New Zealand-based organisation set up to work with kids living in poverty—and there’s a lot of kids living this way, especially those who are Māori and disabled. And the poverty trap will continue unless something changes. KidsCan believes that giving needy kids good food, clothes and health products means they will be more likely to stay at school to get a qualification and then go on to get better jobs. Having toys makes the kids feel good about doing fun things too. There is a way to break the cycle of poverty!

The Toy Box is an online store based in Te Puke, and it sells toys of all types—it’s a fun place to work! They have everything from arts and crafts to wooden toys as well as science sets and sand toys. Apart from selling toys, The Toy Box also wants to give to others in the community to give them a better future and what better way to do this than helping kids in need through KidsCan.


So, next time you’re searching online for a toy for a special little (or big) person in your life, why not try The Toy Box? You can add to your bill when you pay so that the pay-it-forwards can continue as well.

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