January 16, 2023

Serve-ing your community

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Community-minded is a phrase that’s thrown around in the business space these days. But what does being community-minded really mean? It means being generous.


The Serve is a perfect example of a community-minded and generous organisation. The Serve – as its name suggests – serves evening meals at Harwood Street in Hamilton every single day. That’s 365 days a year that they feed those who need it. Even the leftovers from the nightly meals are packed up as food parcels to give to those who couldn’t get to the venue in person. As a group of big-hearted volunteers, The Serve relies on donations and food from community partners. This is where Zenders comes in. 


Zenders Cafe and Venue (44 Hopkins Road, Hamilton) paid-it-forward $80 worth of their delicious baked goods to The Serve. These included sausage rolls, filled rolls, beef pides (they’re a Turkish take on a pizza) and savoury pinwheel scones. 


The Serve were very grateful to Zenders for their generous offering of food to help feed the Hamilton locals. And the Zenders team were very grateful to their customers in helping them do all they are able to do.

There's a lot of regulars coming here at Zenders and they do pay-it-forward little bits, large amounts, whatever they like. So thank you all for supporting Zenders, supporting GoGenerosity and just being part of what we do.


Zenders Cafe

Working alongside Zenders is S&L Land Specialists, a land surveying company in Tauranga. Together, Zenders customer’s and S&L paid-it-forward, resulting in the generous delivery of food The Serve received.


If you want to be part of the paying-it-forward and be community minded as well, think about adding a little to your bill next time you’re at Zenders. Every little helps.

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