January 16, 2023

Sammies paid-forward by Henry and Ted

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🥪  Henry and Ted and their generous customers recently paid-forward 50 sandwiches to locals in need through Under the Stars Tauranga.

The Henry and Ted team are passionate about this way of being generous, as they know all their generosity is going to the people that need it most and they can be part of making the sandwiches with love. It also means that they can bring their customers along on the journey and be generous together.

Laura and the team at Under the Stars do an amazing job of connecting with and supporting the homeless community here in Tauranga. Part of their work are the lunches and dinners that they host on Cliff Road in Tauranga. Anyone is welcome to sign in and receive a meal and there are a wide range of people that attend, from those living on the streets, to families for who minimum wage isn't enough to feed all the mouths in their household.

Thanks to the generosity of Henry and Ted, Laura and her crew of volunteers take their focus off cooking 50+ meals and are freed up to chat and connect with the people who attend. This helps them better understand the wider needs of their community and understand other ways that awesome charities like them can help.

If you'd like to find a generous local business of your own, then click the link below 👇 to see our Business Marketplace and you too can start paying-it-forward for a better future and start creating your own stories of impact that come from your generosity 🥰

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