January 16, 2023

Gourmet food for Kids in Need Waikato

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Children are precious but they are also vulnerable. Sometimes children cannot continue living with their birth families and need to go into foster care, offering them a safe refuge and a home. To care for these foster families and carers (which often includes grandparents raising grandchildren) Kids in Need was set up in Cambridge to offer care packs to support both the children and their carers all over the Waikato region.

To support Kids in Need, Stables on Alpha generously paid-it-forward 10 of their yummy meals to be given to carers and the children they care for. This giving-go-round means that the carers can continue to offer help to these often abused or neglected children.

Stables on Alpha – found at 72 Alpha Street in Cambridge – is an eatery in central Cambridge that offers great food, fun and affordable hospitality for the whole family. You can call in for café-style lunches or casual dining, or you can even order their delicious fare online. They are also open seven days per week.

Apart from offering wholesome food and warm welcomes to their customers, Stables on Alpha also believes in paying-it-forward to help those less fortunate in the community, just like we do here at GoGenerosity. Next time you call in to Stables on Alpha for a coffee or a meal, think about giving a little extra 50c or $1 so they can keep on giving to organisations like Kids in Need. Many foster children and their carers will thank you for it.

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