January 16, 2023

Change is hungry work

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Megan Raynor

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At one point or another we all experience how it feels to be judged. A sideways look, a snide comment, an assumption made on your behalf. It can weigh on you and make you second guess yourself.

For some of the rangitahi in our community who have had a disadvantaged start, the judgement can mean less opportunities available to them, resulting in them feeling disconnected, with minimal belief in themselves. Live for More serves to change this - empowering youth to find freedom from their troubled pasts so they can live an engaged and fulfilling life. 

They do this by using surfing as their vehicle alongside clinical counselling, practical life skills, mentoring and cultural sessions. Through this work Live for More builds connection, belonging and purpose in the youth they support.

It’s hungry work, physically and mentally tiring. Which makes a shared meal at the end of a surf even more of a grateful moment for the youth and the Live for More team. As connection is such a key part of feeling engaged and building confidence, shared meals are important to help grow that rapport. 

To help Live for More do this Trustpower Arena Cafe paid-it-forward 17 meals for them to enjoy. This provided one-less-thing for the team to have to think about, so they could instead focus on supporting those in their programme.

Thank you to Trustpower Arena Cafe for your generosity. And thank you to you, reading this. Every time you pay-it-forward, whether that’s 50 cents or $5, you make it possible for businesses to provide charities with the goods and services they need.

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