March 31, 2023

The cycle of giving

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Being hungry is no fun. Nor is sleeping rough or sleeping in a car… having no safe and secure place to call home. Homelessness is real in New Zealand, with the last census finding over 100,000 people housing deprived.


The Serve Trust in Hamilton was set up to reach out and help the homeless but also the underprivileged, who are generally finding life tough. The Serve does this by offering hot meals every single day of the year. Since 2014, they have served thousands of dinners to people in need in the Hamilton community.


The Serve never runs out of food, but that’s partly due to the generosity of others, like Agora Cafe that paid-it-forward 32 frozen meals to ensure that they’ll always have food on hand to serve to their guests.


The Agora Cafe (on Kent Street in Frankton, Hamilton) is a great place for those who enjoy great coffee and food. There’s something delicious for everyone on their menu. 

But their offerings go even deeper than just taste -  they’re a cafe who makes a difference. You see, all their profits go straight back to the community, so they’re always helping organisations like The Serve to serve others, and the cycle of giving just goes round and round.


Next time you’re on the look-out for a coffee and a sweet treat, head on down to Agora Cafe and add a little to your bill to further help with the pay-it-forwards. If you’re not visiting Hamilton anytime soon, check out our marketplace for other places to give.

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