April 17, 2023

$18k donated to farmers

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Megan Raynor

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Despite being one of the backbones of our country, the agriculture industry is something we often take for granted, getting on with it in the background. But since Cyclone Gabrielle hit we’ve seen how much impact this industry has on not only our own food supply, but on a huge number of New Zealanders whose families rely on this industry for their livelihood.

With the mass devastation across much of rural New Zealand, farmers and growers have a long, emotionally and financially challenging road ahead. The disruption caused by road closures, power cuts, and internet outages only adds to the stress and uncertainty faced by these individuals and their communities. 

To help relieve some of the burden and support the recovery efforts, The Meat Box and their generous customers donated a whopping $18,655 to Federated Farmers, for the Farmers Adverse Events Trust. $648 of this donation came from customers' pay-it-forwards when shopping on their website. It’s heartwarming to see this generosity from Kiwis, coming together to give small amounts that combined, make a big difference. 

The Trust would like to thank all of those that have made donations…[we] will be supporting flights into areas with no road access, to assist with delivering to the needs of these communities. The Trustees want this to signal to these isolated communities that we are thinking of them and we care. The Trust is also supporting the Farmy Army to ensure these volunteer helpers have the right materials to assist so they can hit the ground running when the response phase ends and recovery truly starts.


In times of crisis, it's crucial to come together as a community to support each other. Thank you to The Meat Box and their customers for helping our agricultural and horticultural communities. 

It’s been an important reminder that no matter how small our part may seem, small gestures of generosity make a big difference.

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