January 16, 2023

The gift of brows

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Did you know that before having chemotherapy, women with breast cancer are sometimes advised to have their eyebrows tattooed or microbladed in case their hair falls out as a result? It must feel like a lot to take in, and just another thing to worry about that they don’t need on their plate. 

Mount Brows in Papamoa is well aware of the way eyebrows make you feel, and how lack-of can be uncomfortable. They generously paid-it-forward three $100 gift packs of their brow- and make-up-related products to members of Sweet Louise, a New Zealand not-for-profit organisation set up to compassionately support women (and men) diagnosed with incurable breast cancer.


As the third most common cancer in New Zealand, this support and care is very needed. The little things we can do to care for those diagnosed, matters.  

Angela, one of the Support Coordinators at Sweet Louise, gave out the gift packs to three women in the Tauranga area. She said that “they are such lovely generous gift packs – I was quite touched by the generosity of Mount Brows.”

So were we! It’s only thanks to the generosity of Mount Brows’ customer paying-it-forward 

If you can, think about adding $1 to your beauty treatment bill so that Mount Brows can continue helping others in the community, like those supported through Sweet Louise.

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