February 12, 2024

Ōtūmoetai - where generosity thrives

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New World Brookfield has been a steadfast pillar in the Ōtūmoetai community for years, backing many local charities and initiatives. The store’s belief in helping their neighbourhood thrive includes the consistent support of Ōtūmoetai Social Supermarket, right from it’s inception in 2022.

“One of our strongest beliefs is that everyone in our community should have access to healthy and affordable food, and we are delighted to support organisations who are working hard to make this happen.”

New World

During times of financial hardship, the Ōtūmoetai Social Supermarket (OSS) serves as a vital resource for the 45,000 residents in the broader Ōtūmoetai area. It allows those in need to redirect their finances for a brief period, assisting them in meeting urgent financial needs.

Using a point system OSS allows families to choose the groceries they need. It not only ensures they receive essential items but also fosters a sense of dignity.

This feedback from a grateful shopper shows how powerful this is: "Being able to buy little treats for my children made me feel like a success as a parent, not a failure." 

Filling the shelves requires the support of businesses and locals who have extra to give - with New World Brookfield being a key part of this.

Until recently New World had done this all themselves - happily absorbing the financial impact of providing reduced and free groceries to OSS. It was only when they trialled a campaign with GoGenerosity that they realised how much more impact they could have by bringing their customers onboard to help.

Amplifying the good New World Brookfield were already doing, the GoGenerosity pay-it-forward app allowed customers to contribute at the checkout, with New World Brookfield matching all donations. 

At the end of the three week campaign period the store and their customers were able to pay-forward $39,638 worth of groceries to the OSS – a number that was only made possible through giving customers the opportunity to donate.

Having witnessed the way bringing customers along the journey – in an easy, seamless way that doesn’t interrupt the shopping experience – hugely increases the impact they can have, New World Brookfield are gearing up to run the campaign again in 2024.

If you’d love to amplify the good you’re already doing in your community, please explore our pay-it-forward app and get in touch to what more.

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