February 9, 2023

Southern hospitality for Kiwi students

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When you hear ‘Southern hospitality’ do you think of a drawl, big plates piled high with delicious food and an eagerness to feed you up? Same. Aside from the drawl this is pretty accurate for the students who are looked after by Roxie’s Red-Hot Cantina and Taco Joint, via Kura Kai with the help of CSC Buying Group

Roxie’s paid-it-forward 30 frozen meals to Kura Kai, a local food-for-schools organisation that was set up to help our rangatahi and their whanau to have nutritious and delicious meals. You see, not everyone can afford even the staple meat and three veg to fill hungry bellies. So, Kura Kai have supplied partnering secondary schools throughout New Zealand with chest freezers and then their generous volunteers and businesses like Roxie’s fill the freezers with frozen meals that are distributed to our young people that the schools identify as needing a tasty meal. In turn, the recipients of these meals are also asked to keep a look out for others who would need and appreciate such a delicious home-cooked meal. How good is that? The helped, helping others.


If you want to experience Roxie’s Southern-hospitality for yourself, everyone’s welcome at Roxies! You can find them at 113 Maunganui Road and enjoy a variety of shared plates, like Chilli Con Queso and Guacamole, but they also have a range of Tacos, Burgers as well as salads if you’re wanting something lighter to satisfy your hunger.  

You can also be part of the pay-it-forward giving to Kura Kai when you do too, so what better excuse do you need to visit?

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