February 10, 2023

Facing yourself

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It’s hard to believe that women today are still being subjected to violence in their own homes, which should be places of safety and comfort. Many such women feel alone, isolated, scared and overwhelmed, not knowing what to do because of the situation they’re in. The Tauranga Women’s Refuge can help.


Tauranga Women’s Refuge offers a place these women and their kids can go to so as to escape the situations they may find themselves in. They offer safety away from the  

physical, emotional and psychological abuse, and their mantra says it all - “You’re Not Alone”. 


A large part of the healing process for these women is learning to feel like themselves again, and discovering what “they” means and looks like.

To help, SELF_ Mount Skin Community generously paid-forward a 60-minute facial voucher (valued at $150) to Tauranga Women’s Refuge to give to one of these abused women. You see, SELF_ believes in “SELF_ love, SELF_ care (that can lead to) SELF_ confidence”, all of which are needed by a woman who has endured sometimes years of abuse and put-downs.


First Mortgage Trust was also part of the selfless giving by assisting SELF_ through pay-it-forwards. This means they can offer more vouchers to the women at the Tauranga Women’s Refuge, than they could otherwise.


If you also want to be part of helping those at the Tauranga Women’s Refuge, head on in to SELF_ for some skin or beauty treatments. How does focusing on yourself help those around you? You simply contribute to the SELF_ pay-it-forwards by adding even just a small amount to your bill, knowing that your giving will help the self-care, self-confidence and, eventually, self-love of other women who have come out of abusive relationships.

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