May 4, 2023

Caffeine for community carers

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For some kids in our community, not all things are created equal. Maybe they’re from disadvantaged homes, or maybe they don’t have access to the same resources, like books and preschool education. Whatever the situation, some Kiwi kids don’t always reach their full potential when they grow up.


The I Have a Dream Charitable Trust was set up in New Zealand in 2003 to work holistically with some of these kids through the 15 years or so of their schooling to offer them a better future in terms of their life plans and decisions. The I Have a Dream “Navigators” (full-time adult helpers) work one on one with these kids, offering academic, advocacy and mentoring support to offer them improved life success. Like Dr Martin Luther King’s speech of the same name, I Have a Dream is all about equality and offering these kids a chance of an equitable and successful future, which also mean a better future for our communities as well.


To support I Have a Dream, Meebz Coffee Roasters paid-it-forward a voucher for $60 of their product to be used by I Have a Dream when they need a break from all the great work they do with these Kiwi kids. Thanks Meebz!


Meebz Coffee Roasters is a boutique coffee roasting company based in Auckland, with a store and café at 3 Milford Road, Milford (on the North Shore), and a roastery in Otahuhu (South Auckland). They sell a variety of coffee blends but also merchandise and coffee-making paraphernalia, like airtight containers and paper filters. If coffee is your thing, head on down to Meebz or check them out online—add a little to your bill as well so that the pay-it-forwards can keep on being paid forward.

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