January 16, 2023

Z & Spark fuelling the Bay of Plenty

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Z Energy is a fuel supply company set up in New Zealand to service New Zealand. It has service stations and truck stops throughout the country and is “proud to be a company that contributes to the New Zealand economy and community.” Z Energy has been partnering with GoGenerosity for a while now because we both want to help those in our local communities.


For the Bay of Plenty group of Z outlets (Tauranga and the Eastern Bay of Plenty), giving back is part of what they do. The BOP Z outlets collect pay-it-forward donations given by the public (that’s you—thank you!) and distribute them as fuel cards via GoGenerosity to Z Energy BOP’s chosen charities, one of which is Age Concern Tauranga. These pay-it-forward donations can be given over the counter at any one of the ten BOP outlets. The BOP Z outlets have given away thousands of dollars worth of fuel cards, including a recent donation of $1,600 to Age Concern Tauranga. Most of this money was raised at one of Z Energy’s (BOP) “boost” days when money paid-forward on the particular day was designated for Age Concern Tauranga.


Age Concern Tauranga helps to look after the older adults in the community. You can find Age Concern Tauranga at 177A Fraser Street in Tauranga. Apart from social gatherings, information about and for the elderly, and a group of fun volunteers ready to generously give of their time and themselves to the older members of the BOP community, Age Concern Tauranga also has a job site for Seniors and those over 60 years of age.

 Marie, one of the volunteers at Age Concern Tauranga who visits older members of the community on a regular basis, is very grateful for the generosity of Z Energy BOP. She had this to say: “These [fuel cards] are very, very helpful, and I’m sure the others that do the work at Age Concern appreciate it as well. Thank you very much for these; they’re amazing!”

Another way that Z Energy BOP collects pay-it-forward donations is through corporate sponsors like Spark Business Bay of Plenty. Some of you may have Spark as your mobile phone provider, but the New Zealand telecommunications company also provides fixed-line telephone services, internet access, and information and communications technology (ICT) to businesses. These fuel cards from Z Energy BOP—alongside Spark Business Bay of Plenty—have helped meet a need in the community, offering assistance to older members and Age Concern Tauranga’s volunteers.

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