January 16, 2023

Your kind tooth fairy

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Megan Raynor

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A trip to the dentist can bring about a lot of emotions. Nerves at what might need to be done, curiosity, and maybe even a little fear. But for some it’s excitement and relief that comes with a dentist visit because it means the end of any ailments that may have been bugging them.

For 40% of Kiwis, dental care is out of their reach financially. That means if they have any pain or issues, they live with it rather than seek help. Unfortunately when oral health problems are left alone they will get worse, meaning more pain and much larger issues down the track.

Thanks to Tooth Fairy Dental this was prevented through their Dental Wellness Day at their Mount Maunganui clinic. This is part of their own initiative - Kind Smiles.

Dentists came in on a Sunday and volunteered their time to perform treatments for those in need who had been sent along by various charity groups. Over the span of the day $6k worth of treatments were provided, with $150 of that made possible through the generous pay-it-forwards of their customers and corporate partners. 

For each patient this could be anything from a half to full hours appointment, with the dentists working on the most crucial need at the time.

We bet that resulted in some smiles of relief.

If you want to look after your smile, while helping to look after others, head to Tooth Fairy Dental for your next oral checkup and pay-it-forward while you’re there. Every small bit adds up.

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