January 27, 2023

Cancer recovery through pilates

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Megan Raynor

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For people recovering from cancer, movement is encouraged as a way to decrease side effects during treatment, as well as enhance general quality of life like sleep, energy, and reduced stress levels.

For Louise Hamilton, taking up exercise was a key part of her breast cancer recovery process, even though it’s something she wouldn’t usually do if given the choice. A feeling that probably resonates with a lot of us!

As she puts it, “I wouldn't usually exercise as a general rule, but I know it’s part of the recovery… The drugs we’re on make the body really ache. To exercise was my goal to try and not ache.”

It was through Breast Cancer Support Services Tauranga Trust that Louise learnt about the importance of movement to support the healing process after her lumpectomy surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. A charity based on breast cancer survivors supporting those newly diagnosed, their goal is to enhance wellbeing and quality of life, and prevent them from being socially isolated.

Group exercise is a chance to do both. However, engaging in the right kind of exercise when you’re recovering is important. Especially when it’s not something you’re already familiar with. This is where generous local Pilates studio - The Pilates Fix - came in to support Louise and others by providing unique Breast Cancer Support Services classes. 

A studio that caters for the specific needs of each individual client, no matter their age, fitness background, or energy level, The Pilates Fix paid-forward three six week courses (with nine spots in each) for those recovering from breast cancer.

Having the classes funded for me has been really helpful. During a time of not working, and then of course we had covid thrown into the mix, the dollars have been a bit lean. Not just for me as a hopefully-getting-better cancer survivor, but for everybody so I’ve really appreciated it. I wouldn’t have come along if it was on my own back, so thank you very much.

Louise Hamilton

Pay-it-forward recipient, The Pilates Fix

This was made possible thanks to the combined generosity of The Pilates Fix, their clients and Spark Business Hub Bay of Plenty. Both Spark and The Pilates Fix clients pay-it-forward so more people like Louise can have access to these special breast cancer support classes for free.

Tahlia, The Pilates Studio founder, had this to say: “Our clients responded to our request for them to pay-it-forward with open hearts… We are one big family, we are one big community, it’s been really humbling actually to raise such a huge pool of funds already that we are able to offer not one, not two, but three full- funded 6 week programmes already, for 9 women at a time.”

It just goes to show how much impact we can have when we all come together, through small amounts paid-forward.

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