January 16, 2023

El Jefe's reducing anxiety for locals

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Anyone else feel like the grocery checkout is becoming an anxious game? With each ‘beep’ of an item you flip-flop between wondering if you’ll stay on budget, or if next week will be a menu of noodles. For many this means leaving culinary treats on the shelf. But thanks to El Jefe and The Salvation Army some of our most in need locals were able to enjoy a taste of the good life, through one-of-a-kind sausages and meats.

If you haven’t heard of El Jefe, your taste buds are missing out. El Jefe makes delicious sausages – like Argentinian, Pork and Fennel, and Bacon and Maple – ready to jazz up your BBQ or bangers and mash meals. They cure meats, like Smoked Meatballs and Uruguayan Salami, which you can find at 60 Aviation Ave, Mount Maunganui. They also have an online store, where you can add a small amount via GoGenerosity which El Jefe will match, to pay-it-forward as meat for the needy in the community.

As part of their pay-it-forwards, El Jefe recently gave away $490 worth of meat products, including $140 worth of their scrummy meatballs (featured below 👇), to The Salvation Army, where it was passed to those in the community who needed help with food. As well as food parcels, The Salvation Army also offers help to those who need it in the areas of drug and alcohol support, accommodation, and food. They were very grateful for El Jefe’s generosity.

El Jefe's scrummy meatballs

Corporate partner First Mortgage Trust has also worked together with El Jefe to help people in the local community. First Mortgage Trust says “it’s important for us to be part of the communities we live and operate in, and we are proud to partner with many local organisations and charities and help make a difference through sponsorships.” So, to put their words into action, First Mortgage teamed up with El Jefe through us here at GoGenerosity. Thanks First Mortgage, and thanks El Jefe!

Check out El Jefe’s HUB here to see all their pay-it-forwards so far.

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