January 27, 2023

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It might feel too soon to talk about Christmas again - after all, we’re only in January! But for some of our community, thinking about Christmas now is the only way they can make sure they have the resources needed for it to be special.

Every year the Mosgiel Community Foodbank tries to make Christmas feel festive for the families they support, by adding in little gifts and surprises into their food parcels. But as the need has increased, their ability to brighten up the season for those in need has become harder.

Enter Rosy Posy. A generous business based in the South Island (and online) who specialises in crafting and gifts.  

Rosy Posy paid-it-forward a voucher to the Mosgiel Foodbank so they could start to gather gifts for those in need. The Foodbank chose a kid’s cookbook, some special soaps and two cute chicken-patterned utensil holders to include as extra treats in their Christmas food parcels when the time comes.

“We are so delighted to be part of the Rosie Posy donation scheme and GoGenerosity. Each Christmas we give out approximately 150 Christmas food parcels. We also love being able to provide gifts for everyone. We are finding it is getting more difficult to fill all parcels with gifts, so this will go a wee way to ensuring we can continue doing this. Thank you for providing us the opportunity.”


Coordinator, Mosgiel Foodbank

We don’t know about you, but hearing about this level of generosity and kindness makes us feel festive even when it’s not the season.

If you want to donate food to the  Mosgiel Foodbank you’ll find them at 2 Wickliffe St, and they’re open weekday mornings.


Or, to pay-it-forward while indulging your own love of crafts and making things, why not head to Rosy Posy too and add a little to your bill. You can pay-it-forward through their online store here.

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