January 16, 2023

Carrying our canines

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Megan Raynor

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For some of us having 50 dogs a week to play with and love is an absolute dream. There’s nothing purer than the adoration of a dog greeting you when you walk through the door. But even though they’d love to cuddle and love on that many, for Rescue Revive and Rehome (RRR) that’s the number of dogs they’re having to turn down because they don’t have enough volunteers to cope.

Since covid hit two years ago, times have been extra tough for RRR. Prior to the pandemic the charity was able to rehome about 40 animals (cats, dogs, sometimes farm animals) to new families per month, nowadays it’s closer to four. This means they need even more volunteers to collect and foster the animals in need of rescuing. It also means the lovely people who do currently volunteer their space and time, are stretched.

To help support the volunteers Z Energy paid-forward $400 worth of fuel vouchers, relieving the financial strain of travelling to rescue animals. RRR pays every volunteer for fuel so these fuel cards are very much needed and mean they can use their funds for vet bills and other rescuing-related expenses.

Z Energy’s pay-it-forward to RRR was made possible by the combined generosity of their customers and their corporate partners - S&L Land Specialists and Spark Business Hub Bay of Plenty.

S&L Land Specialists, Tauranga-based surveying firm, believe in paying-it-forward for a better future for all New Zealanders including these four-legged ones.

Spark Business Hub Bay of Plenty is a team of business and tech experts who help businesses (and now canines) to be secure and resilient. 

If you want to be a part of stories like this one, head to the marketplace to see where you can pay-it-forward in your area.

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