January 16, 2023

Giant meals for local students

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Do you have a big appetite? Colossal dreams? How about a giant heart for the community? The Roaming Giant showed that they do by paying-forward 40 meals to Kura Kai, to feed teenagers and their whānau. 

Kura Kai—meaning food for schools—is an organisation that helps our rangatahi (young people) and their whānau (extended families). 

Kura Kai do this by purchasing chest freezers to keep at secondary schools in New Zealand, then regularly filling them with frozen meals generously cooked and donated by volunteers. The schools then distribute these to families in their school communities who need them. 

Kura Kai’s focus is on showing manaakitanga (respect, generosity and care) with a simple kaupapa (value for action) of whānau cooking for whānau. The rangatahi are also encouraged to be aware of others around them who may also need help. That’s the kaupapa of giving that we love to see!

It’s thanks to big hearts like The Roaming Giant and their customers, that these freezers are able to be filled so frequently. Thanks to the pay-it-forwards of their customers and their own generosity, The Roaming Giant gave a whopping 40 frozen meals to Kura Kai. 

If you’ve an oversized passion for giving, and love to enjoy delicious food in a very cool atmosphere, why not head along to The Roaming Giant in Hamilton.  By adding a little extra when you pay for your meal, you too can be part of the manaakitanga to help organisations like Kura Kai.

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