October 27, 2023

The Meat Box: One out of the box for new parents

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Tired, sleep deprived, sometimes lonely and often scared. This often describes new parents, especially Mums. Having a new baby is hard work—as all parents know—and cooking a meal is often the last priority after feeding baby (sometimes 24/7), changing baby (often multiple times a day), doing the washing, and being constantly on hand to cater to this very dependent person in your life. Then, there may be sickness involved—with baby of any of the family members—and unforeseen happenings in a family’s life. In all these situations, a meal—any meal—could be a life saver.


Bellyful is a New Zealand-based charitable trust intent on helping parents with little ones through these trying times, and they do so by providing free meals that recipients can turn to at the end of the day. Regularly, Bellyful have Cookathons where volunteers cook up a storm so that there is a cache of meals ready to distribute to new parents and families.  Bellyful know that it’s OK to ask for help—a lot of us have been through this new parent stage—and we need to support each other as a community. Providing food is a good way to do this.


Cooking meals is one thing but having the ingredients to make the meals is another. Bellyful, being a charity, also needs help, and The Meat Box came to the party and paid-it-forward a $500 voucher for their meats to Bellyful to be turned into tasty and nutritious meals for community families. The $500 was distributed to four of Bellyful’s North Island branches.


Jacqui, from Bellyful, was super grateful for The Meat Box’s generosity: “The quality of the mince was top-notch, and having it gifted saved us on our Cookathon costs at a time when we are facing rising ingredient costs. We are so grateful for this support—it is so nice to feel like we have a village behind us, and we are not trying to fill bellies all alone.”


The Meat Box is an online butchery dedicated to providing fresh New Zealand quality meats, prepared to order and delivered to your door. Now that’s service! They have a range of boxes on offer and even have other bits, like fruit and vegetables and condiments, to go with them. They also offer Christmas meat boxes as well as corporate boxes if your company wants to say a special thank you to employees and clients. Why not check them out? And, when you do, you can add a little to your bill (even $1 to $2 can help) so that we can all be part of helping needs in the community.

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