January 16, 2023

Heroes bake banana bread

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Raising a baby involves more than cute photos, tiny socks and romantic notions of sleeping through the night. It’s expensive, tiring, hunger-inducing, and often very lonely – as many of you parents out there will know!


The Little Heroes Project was started in 2021 to help young Mums prepare for their babies. They put together donated pre-loved (but good quality) baby items, like bassinets, prams and clothes, and volunteers deliver them to in-need Mums as well as Teen Parent Units in New Zealand. 

Little Heroes also assembles and delivers care packages with necessary bits like nappies and wipes that are essential for Mums and bubs but can be expensive to buy. 

Although they’re heroes to these needy young Mums and families, Little Heroes does rely on others for donations, and this is where Wildflour comes in.


On the last Monday of every month, Wildflour pays-it-forward $150 worth of banana bread and chocolate brownie to Little Heroes to distribute to the young Mums and their whānau. What a treat!

When you're deep in the midst of nappies and sleep deprivation, sweet surprises like this can make all the difference, so thank you to Wildflour and their generous customers for making this possible.


If you want to help, visit Wildflour and pay-it-forward alongside your treat. A boutique Mount Maunganui bakery, they make small batches of baked products using natural ingredients as well as raw (uncooked) slices, bliss balls and coffee.

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