January 16, 2023

Coffee that cares

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How many of us want or need to start the day with a coffee or two? Quite a few of us truth be told! There’s nothing that gets you out of bed better than the smell of that first cup of coffee.


But there’s more to a good coffee than just that delicious smell. Gregg and his team at Fixation Coffee believe that good coffee should have a full rich flavour, so they import their coffee beans from exotic places around the world and roast them to perfection right here in Tauranga. You can buy their beans online or at their coffee shop at 10 Dive Crescent in Tauranga.


Fixation also believes in helping those in need in the community, and they have paid-it-forward $474 worth of coffee beans (which translates into 678 cups of coffee) to Curate Cares


Curate Cares is an organisation that was set up to help offer a better future for people through acts of kindness, including community dinners and helping with projects around the city. The gift of coffee beans from Fixation means that 678 cups of aromatic and tasty coffee were made for volunteers, staff and people in need. Not only were these folk treated to a caffeine fix but they also got to fill their social cup while they did so. Thanks Fixation and thanks Curate Cares. You both do such a great job of helping others in the community.


Next time you’re searching for that extra tasty coffee, try Fixation, and you can add a small amount to your bill to continue with the pay-it-forwards too. Or, if you’re not in the Bay, head to our marketplace to see other generous businesses near you.

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