January 16, 2023

Matua Cafe paid-forward 10 Subs

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Did you know that there is a cool café in Matua? You can find Matua Café and Eatery at 97 Levers Road in … Matua (in Tauranga)! They tell us you can find “coffee, food and baking goodness” at their place, so why not stop by next time you are passing? They offer delights like the Tortilla Stack (if you are really hungry!) and Mixed Berry Muffins with Toffee Cream Cheese Icing if you think you may be hungry. They also do delicious Ham and Salad Subs—a long roll “submarine sandwich” full of ham and salad goodness.  Matua Café and Eatery recently gave away 10 of these subs to Under the Stars.


Under the Stars helps the homeless and the needy in Tauranga. They initially began by offering meals “under the stars” to those who could not always afford a nutritious meal—and they continue to do this twice per week: dinners on Saturdays and lunches on Thursdays. But, they also offer hot showers to people who need them, clothes, bus cards, and even help with birth certificates so that guests can access financial help from the government.

Under the Stars promotes kindness and generosity, and, as Liz Kite, Under the Stars’ founder, says, “We’re trusted because we are compassionate and don’t judge.”  They were very grateful for the 10 meals that came from Matua Café and Eatery.


We here at GoGenerosity are blown away by the power of kindness and paying-it-forward shown by Matua Café and Eatery and their customers, but also by the volunteers at Under the Stars who give selflessly—every week—to meet needs in the Tauranga community.

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