March 3, 2023

Looking good and feeling good

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If you know any rangatahi (young people) who have maybe gone down a wrong path in life and need a gentle nudge in the right direction, why not refer them to Live For More? Live For More exists to support our 17-25 year old males who have been caught up in a world of drugs, alcohol and crime and have somehow been overlooked by conventional pathways of help. 

Live For More wants to help these young ones find more in life to live for, and they do this through surf therapy, mentoring, counselling, teaching life skills and cultural sessions. These give our young people self-confidence, empowerment, friendship and belonging. They then feel able to make better choices in life. 

Crate Clothing also wants young people to feel and look good, so they paid-it-forward a $550 clothing voucher to Live For More. They use this to get clothing and accessories which are provided as celebrations when the boys reach certain milestones.

Megan, the Operations Manager at Live For More, said:

Receiving another Crate Clothing voucher is amazing! I'm blown away by how much support we receive via GoGenerosity, and Crate in this instance – it's epic.

Megan - Live for More

Operations Manager, Live for More

Crate Clothing design and create their own range of streetwear, influenced by music, pop culture, society and fashion, so their range is popular among youngsters, particularly those that want to look and feel good when out and about—and not just on the waves! They have stores in Hamilton and Mount Maunganui, so why not check them out if you’re looking for items to add to your wardrobe? Giving a little extra when you come to pay means you can also be part of the pay-it-forwards. 

To support this generosity and make it go further, Crate is supported by three generous corporate partners. Mount Main Street (in the Mount), CSC Buying Group (based in Cambridge) and S&L Land Specialisst (Tauranga) were happy to be corporate partners with Crate to help meet these clothing needs in the community. They're a beautiful example of the good that can happen when we all come together.

If you want to come together too, you can head to our marketplace to see all of the places you can pay-it-forward as part of your day-to-day.

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