February 2, 2023

Comfort food for our tamariki

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Mmm home baking. Just hearing the word rustles up memories of visits to Grandma or licking the bowl on Mum’s baking days. It was a highlight of childhood, but in today’s busy-ness, home baking can feel like a distant memory for some.


Not for Wildflour. What began as a home-based baking activity in 2019 has grown into a commercial enterprise, stocking local cafes as well as their own bakery and cafe at 5C Hull Road in Mount Maunganui. They still stick to their home baking roots, making everything by hand and fresh daily.


One of the best parts of any baking, whether it’s home or cafe made, is sharing it with others. 

Wildflour do this through their frequent pay-it-forwards, recently providing $300 worth of baking to Homes of Hope where it will fill the bellies of tamariki. This included 12 cheese scones, six kilograms of macadamia granola (that’s a lot of tasty breakfasts!), a cinnamon bun wreath and six vegan pesto scrolls.


Carena, the Manager at Homes of Hope, was delighted with Wildflour’s generosity: “Fantastic. Thanks so much! I’m sure the tamariki will thoroughly enjoy it!"


Homes of Hope exist to offer a safe, secure and happy environment for local children (tamariki) who have experienced pain and suffering in their lives.This includes foster care and therapeutic support. They believe that every child deserves to feel safe and loved. Home baking is often thought of as comfort food so is one way to help make these children feel good.


First Mortgage Trust was also part of this tasty generosity as a corporate partner, topping up any customer pay-it-forwards so Wildflour can give more.

You can be part of the giving too by adding to your total when purchasing from Wildflour and helping the children at Homes of Hope.

If you’re not local, head to our marketplace below to see where you can be part of with stories like this one.

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