January 16, 2023

Rescue Revive Rehome receives $500 fuel

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Looking after and rescuing animals from dyer situations is no easy task and it often requires the staff & volunteers at Rescue Revive Re-home (RRR) to clock up a lot of K's travelling all around the Bay of Plenty and beyond to save these animals which might not survive otherwise. It's not just about the animals either, Liz was telling us about people who dump their unwanted pets on old ladies lawn's and because these ladies are so loving they feed and look after these animals even though they can't always afford to. RRR are always very grateful to receive these vouchers from Z Energy who have been supporting them since before they were on the GoGenerosity platform, but now thanks to Z's generous customers paying-it-forward on top of their bills, Z is able to give more, more often.

If you're one of Z's customers who is paying-it-forward in small amounts often, thank you! We don't require or even ask that you pay-it-forward large amounts, just $1 or $2 every now and again goes a long way when it's pooled with everyone else's little bit.

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