July 24, 2023

Goodness comes in many forms

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Feeling peckish? Needing a snack? Craving an afternoon pick-me-up? You’re not alone! Trouble is, most of these I-want-to-eat-the-closest-thing-to-me treats are not always that good for us—our inner bodies or our waistlines!


This is where Nothing Naughty can become your go-to snack or general food source. Based in the Waikato, Nothing Naughty’s products are made with natural ingredients intentionally chosen to not only taste good but also be good for you. They have protein bars and sauces and collagen powders and baking ingredients. They even have low-carb Keto products as well! But the goodness at Nothing Naughty doesn’t end with their products. You see, they’re also a company that wants to do good in the community as well, and they recently paid-it-forward $747 to the New Zealand Red Cross.


The Red Cross is an organisation that is always there for people. The generosity of companies like Nothing Naughty means that Red Cross can do what they do best—helping people in need. Specifically, Nothing Naughty’s money went to the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund that was set up to help those in the North Island of New Zealand who were adversely affected by Cyclone Gabrielle and the 2023 flooding.


Rebuilding people’s homes and lives after such an emergency can take months or even years, so Red Cross are grateful for pay-it-forwards from companies like Northing Naughty as they and their volunteers work tirelessly to help those in need. Such monetary gifts are the most effective way that Red Cross can do their job of helping people.


So, if you’re still contemplating a Flat White Protein Bar or some Natural Fibre Maple Syrup for your pancakes, look no further than Nothing Naughty. There are stockists all around the country, but you can also buy their products online. And when you come to pay for your goodies, add a little to your bill so that Nothing Naughty can continue paying-it-forward to Red Cross. You never know when you may also need Red Cross’s help.

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