March 17, 2023

Finding more in life

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Some kids get caught up in the world of drugs, alcohol and crime, and there’s often no easy way out. But there’s a Mount Maunganui-based organisation that seeks to help Aotearoa’s rangatahi (young people) find something more in life and that’s Live For More.

Live For More seeks to build strong and long-lasting relationships with the youth that come their way. They also offer mentoring and life skills sessions as well as helping young ones to relate to their identity and culture. And how do they do all this? Through their regular surf therapy programmes!

Riding the waves really does help their course members let off some steam, build camaraderie, get fit, feel good about themselves and find other ways to become who they’re meant to be.

But all this activity means there are lots of hungry people at Live For More. So, Trustpower Arena Café generously paid-it-forward 17 meals to help keep bellies full and give everyone more energy for surfing and hard work. The Live For More staff and clients were all so thankful for the meals.

“We're SO grateful for their generosity. The boys were stoked off their fresh sammies and fruit after their morning out in the surf! Lots of hungry pukus were fed. The team at the Trustpower Arena Cafe are legends!"


Office Administrator, Live For More

Trustpower Arena Cafe is based at the Trustpower Arena at 81 Truman Lane in Mount Maunganui. The modern cafe is a great place to come to for coffees and meals when attending events and happenings at the Arena. The Cafe’s ethos is not just about serving great food and drinks but also offering others in the local community a better future, just like the young people and great surfers at Live For More.

If you want to also be part of helping young ones have more to live for, you can add a little to your bill when dining and sipping at the Arena Cafe.

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