January 11, 2024

Peoples Coffee: He tāngata, He tāngata, He tāngata!/It is people, it is people, it is people!

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Ever wanted to know where your flat white comes from? Drink Peoples Coffee and they can tell you exactly where they sourced their beans. You see, Peoples Coffee not only wants to offer folk a really good coffee, they want to care about the people involved as well. 

Peoples Coffee adheres to Fair Trade principles—a fair price and fair dealing for their products. They’re all in to ethical practices and sustainability—and not forgetting a great tasting coffee! Peoples puts a high value on people, not just in their business practice but also in their outlook and in caring for the community. This desire to offer others a better future was put into practice when Peoples paid-it-forward $150 to be used for the young people at Zeal. 

Zeal is an organisation focused on Aotearoa New Zealand’s rangatahi (aged 13–18 years) and runs youth development programmes online and in various locations around the country. These programmes tap into the teenagers’ creative potential and allow them to develop their skills and experience in areas like Live Sound Engineering and Competitive Gaming. The courses run through the school term time and offer the participants a real sense of friendship and belonging. The aim is to offer these young ones a better future and to let them be who they want to be. 

Zeal and Peoples have one thing in common—people. Zeal reaches young people, and Peoples indirectly focuses on people through the medium of coffee … and a great tasting cup it is too!

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