January 16, 2023

Food for schools from The Roaming Giant

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Do you have an ogre of an appetite? Do you go searching for food to satisfy your hunger pangs? If this is you, why not head on down to The Roaming Giant, a colossal and wild eatery in Hamilton at 789 Heaphy Terrace (that’s in Claudelands). The Roaming Giant has meals for everyone, from small plates to large plates, depending on your hunger needs. They even have specials on six days of the week, so check them out for an evening out. The Roaming Giant is not just about being a great eatery but also about being community focused, so they have paid-forward 40 of their delicious and varied meals to Kura Kai.


Kura Kai, meaning “food for schools,” does just that—it provides healthy home-cooked meals for needy secondary school students and their families. These meals are frozen and stored on-site for when the partner schools identify a need in their school community. The meals are kept in freezers that are also donated by Kura Kai—such a cool idea! So, there is always something on hand for any emergencies.

Kura Kai relies on volunteers and donations, so receiving these 40 meals from The Roaming Giant was an amazing way to top up their freezer stocks.


Maybe making these 40 meals was par for the course for The Roaming Giant; after all, this is what they do every day. But, 40 students and their families disagree. This was an amazing gesture of paying-it-forward to meet a need in the community. There are 40 families who say a silent thank you, and we at GoGenerosity do too.

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