January 16, 2023

Girls treated like 'rockstars'

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As human beings sometimes we all need to be treated like a rockstar from time to time. To be treated with admiration and warmth and to be pampered. This fills up our cups and gives us dignity that money can't buy.

Recently, thanks to the generosity of the team and customers at The General and the lovely ladies at Majestic Nails and Beauty, 3 young girls going through a difficult time at home had their nails painted and were then chauffeured to The General where they were served a beautiful lunch.

We're so thankful to The General and Majestic Nails for their generosity. This experience had a huge impact on the self-esteem of these girls during a tough time and made them feel loved and cared for. At GoGenerosity we believe that pampering people in need, helps them not only survive, but thrive by meeting emotional needs as well as physiological.

We're thankful to be a small part of this by powering generosity for these generous partners.

If you'd like to be part of impacting the lives of other people like these three girls, then you can visit our Business Marketplace 👇 and see the many generous businesses on our platform that have partnered with us to allow every-day kiwis to pay-it-forward for a better future while shopping with them.

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